My Markable Plans!!

1:23 AM

So I've been quite busy this week.I thought I was going accomplish my "blog at least once a day" challenge here on! But obviously, days have passed and yet I wasn't able because as what I've mentioned earlier, I got BUSY.

So this is perhaps, something that would motivate me.*My Markable Plans*.Brace yourselves bloggers (only those whom I know, of course)! because starting today.I will be featuring you on my "comics-which-isn't" posts.This is actually going to be like a children's storybook but nevertheless I'd incorporate the life of bloggers on them.

I was inspired by my classmates to do a fictional story about Blogosphere! That was after publishing the "Pasasalamat kay" post when they told me that I should have created a back story instead of a simple thank you image since the concept of seeing Kuya Orman's caricature together with mine is but AWESOME(raw!).That's why two days ago I created a whole convo of "Gandaness" (the frog caricature of Kuya Orman which evolves from time to time depending on his emotion and needs)and "Markable".And below's just a teaser for that!!

How will "Gandaness" look like after the transformation? Abangan. . .

And since there's already a story for that, I want to add more characters.On that note, I just created two caricatures for my blogger friends and sooner, they'll be introduced in the story..

You guessed it right! It's Mr. and!

In real life they are actually two of my best blogger buddies.I first met Kevin right on his birthday last year.WTF! Attending a birthday of a complete stranger! Pakapalan lang ng mukha yan.Anyway, as for Richard D. I first met him during the Colt45 Vavavroom press launch at Taste of Malaysia (not really, we were actually introduced inside Kuya Charles' [] car).

So that's it! For Bloggers who doesn't have any blog mascot yet (I might generate one for you but it's unofficial, but it's going to be easy for me if you already have one).Haha! Maybe later I will create a "characters page" and add it on my navigation above.


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  1. way to go.. keep on blogging...

  2. sali ka sa FROG MASCOT contest ko, mark! five thousand pesos ang premyo ng winner.

  3. @Kuya Orman: Ayy.Oo, sasali talaga ako dun.
    Kaya nga as mentioned above yung character mo sa story is a frog named "Gandaness" which evolves from time to time.Pero pag may nanalo na sa contest mo, yun na ang gagamitin kong default character mo! woot.hehe..

  4. kaunti lang. D; I grew up in Singapore. Your illustrations are cute btw!

  5. Woot! It's actually nice to think, that I know someone from Singapore already.And the fact that you're a filipina, then I guess I'd be visiting your blog more often.

    You should learn how to speak in tagalog(more) then.So that by the time, I or any Filipino would come to pay you a visit there, we could talk incessantly.

    And thanks for the compliment about my illustrations!
    Thanks for dropping by.
    Haha! I Hope hearing from you soon..

  6. i lililililike it! kakaabang abang. ampf! :)

    thanks mark! gusto ko dyan kontrabida ako.. ha ha! yung serial killer ang drama. lol

  7. @richard: Bwahaha.who told you kontrabida ka? (itribido.lols), pero total bagay naman sayo..gagawin kitang black sheep! *major major* spoiler! lols.pero dapat mo yang abangan.haha!

  8. Wow I'm so fascinated with your graphics...ang galing mo kaibigan....friend mo rin pala si Richard?
    Ikaw pala ang gumawa ng animated picture niya.
    Ang galing..pwde gawan mo rin ako? he he he....
    keep it up.Kaibigan.... :)

  9. @Angie: Woot! Thanks

    Yep.Friends kami ni Chard..
    Sure thing, i PM mo ako sa Facebook! (add me first hehe.)
    Search mo lang name ko! (nasa sidebar nito)

    Pero it might take some time ha.Been working on something.ahaha!

    Thanks for dropping by.Anyway, naka private ata blogger profile mo eh.di ma access!!! change it.So I could see your blog.