Globe Tattoo 1GB Bandwidth Limit Per Day Sucks!

11:34 PM

Globe Advisory: Your account has reached 1GB in usage today. Subject to Globe Fair Use Policy, your internet service has been temporarily deactivated and will resume tomorrow. This promo is intended for moderate use. For heavy browsing, please upgrade to our Tattoo Postpaid plans. Thank you.

This is actually a quick post about how Globe Tattoo got into my nerves.I was watching an Anime series and was still on the 4th episode when I received this notification saying that I've consumed 1GB and blah blah blah. I'm currently registered into a 5day unlimited prepaid service (worth 220 pesos) and after my days of usage this is my first time to get such notification. I didn't know they implement such, for if I knew, I wouldn't mind buying it in the first place.

I told my Mom about it and she said "Maybe, we should switch to another internet provider.Your Aunt said, (SMART) is way too better than that. It's fast and she has never encountered any bandwidth limitation from them". Sun on the other hand, was actually my first option since their tower is just five blocks away from our house.Which means, presumably the connection's going to be fast if ever. But when I went to the mall to inquire about it, the staffs said that I will have to buy the modem first at Manila. (I live in Davao, btw).So it's not that far, just a plane away!! LOL But why the hell did I end up buying Globe Tattoo? (to be honest, it sounds cool to have one, you know Smart has this pang-"masa" feel and all and I love the vector design of the modem - too bad I didn't even consulted anyone. It's my fault - No they gave me a shirt for free, it's the shirt's fault.Haha)

Minutes later, I chanced upon the Globe Tattoo advertisement where it says"Globe Tattoo - this is my internet".I couldn't agree more, because apparently while typing this, it's my internet, it sucks and I suck for being stuck with it. As what I've said above, this is just going to be a quick post because I might just receive another bandwidth limit notification from them (but I type fast so I think I would still be able to publish this"rant" full blown). In the advertisement I also noticed that all they kept elaborating was that in Globe Tattoo you will "ENJOY" their "UNLIMITED" internet service, it’s “AFFORDABLE” and nothing more. And again I couldn't agree more! No thanks to them.

I ENJOY ranting because I know someone has got to have the same problem as I do. I enjoy blogging about them because they gave me a topic and gave me a reason to update this blog. I enjoy writing about how they suck just so they know! I enjoy their UNLIMITED service because it's funny how it meant the otherwise. I enjoy their "AFFORDABILITY" because I paid P220 for the load and P1450 for the modem. I also enjoy wearing the free globe tattoo t-shirt the sellers gave me (Bad thing, I just look like I'm one of them).And I enjoy....

Update: Brownout! And it's 2:25 am, Davao time and what's worse is that I'm currently writing this via Notepad. No internet connection (will simply paste this if it gets back).

See how their magic works? They must have found out I'm writing something bad about them.Well not totally bad, but rather mean.Yes, I'm mean and couldn't get any meaner to those who'll get into my way. Not even them!

Update: It's 2:30, yikes! The power went back and so did the internet with a delay of 2 minutes.Haha! (Now back on my dashboard).Okay fine.Yeah the internet stopped because of the five minute brownout.But that doesn't even make sense!

Back.So, I'm actually enjoying their service in a different light. If ever we're sharing the same problem (like most people here and here), then consider signing up for a petition by sharing and disseminating the image below:

Update: It's 4:36 AM and the Internet is out again. Must have caused by the rain!! O.O Will sleep now, I was wrong! I might publish this by daylight.

I'm actually contacting a few connections to reach Globe and ask about their stand for our gripes.Will update you soon! and If Globe will not grant our request then maybe, I wouldn't mind switching sides.Also, this should be heard in the congress or in the senate, I believe.

Globe's not a SMART Choice after all!

Update: Hi guys, I received a message from them and they said  "It's only that by implementing such policy we just want to minimize network congestion so we can give better service for all."

Addition: The main purpose of our Globe Fair use policy for Tattoo broadband is to ensure the quality and equal connection that our subscribers should get.

I guess the least thing we can do now is to REQUEST for them to MAKE the 1GB UP to 25GB (just like in postpaid) or more. Any idea? Any suggestions? (Just drop by a comment below if you have any)

To the staffs: I know by this point of time you're reading this and I hope you can do something about it! Now na! Otherwise the whole nation may stand up against you! Btw, hindi ko pa rin kayo tatantanan! BWAHAHAHA!

Cheers! O.o

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  1. 1gb/day is certainly not enough if you load videos :)

  2. @ken: I totally agree.Now I am afraid to browse videos online, they're in a way suspending one's freedom to do what their customers want because of the goddamn limitation.

  3. that's unfortunate of you experiencing bandwidth cut off, i just wonder why they're doing that?

  4. @Faust: Yeah. . so sad.I couldn't do much with 1GB limit.Well I believe it's not just me, ang dami kayang reklamo sa fan page nila sa Facebook.No wonder one of these days may anti-fanpage na sila dun.

    Btw, they also implement a 25GB limit on postpaid users which means wala tayong kawala sa so acclaimed "Scam" ng Globe. T.T

    To why they're doing that...I'm not sure but I hope we'd hear from them as soon as possible.

  5. i think what globe should do is not limit the connection but filter video or audio streaming when it reaches a certain threshold, and can go with the basic surfing or browsing but not cut off the connection, it's a disservice to clients and robbing them of money that can't be refunded.

  6. @faust: Yeah, you're right.And I think, this must be reported to the proper authorities as this is clearly and could be labelled to as a SCAM from Globe.

    Their response on the other hand, isn't satisfactory at all.Look, why would we complain about this if they're giving a "BETTER" service for all?

    Also above I forgot to give the link of their facebook page which is bombarded by tons of left handed comments, complaints and rants about their service.Hah

  7. ayan ang pinaka imbang kinana ng globe grabe. mahahampas ko keyboard ko sa mukha nila. sobrang lag na nga tapos may limit pa. goodbye 24hrs anime ko takte talga.. sana sumabog main building ng globe.. btw totoo bang pede ipa openline tong tattoo? para makagamit ng ibang network??

  8. @anonymous:
    I've heard pwede daw i open line.

  9. @anonymous
    if you try to openline it, be prepared for the risks involved, that means you'll be voiding your tattoo usb, they're locked to their own network.

  10. @Faust:

    Globe said "Thanks for the suggestion of Faust, this will be noted for further improvement of our services and also as a reference of our support groups."

    Feeling ko matatagalan to!!

    So, switch na??

  11. @Mark wow, globe saw my suggestions? thats great! from what link url?

    i know you can't wait longer, i do suggest go for a wired dsl line, then buy a router have it wifi..

  12. @Faust: Oo, they said that.Private Message ehh..haha!

    Maybe I can still get used to this 1GB limit (maybe for awhile).Malaki na naman siguro ang (25GB limit sa postpaid)
    , so perhaps I will still stick with Globe Tattoo, postpaid nga lang.

    Wala akong panahon at perang bumili pa ng Smart.BTW, do you know where the hell their store is located? Wala na sila sa Mall (I checked).

  13. @Mark hwag kana mag postpaid give a dsl line a try mabilis, then buy a wifi router, i'll help you set it up.. pm me when you get this.

  14. PS:
    @Mark you can still use your globe tattoo while you're on travel, but for home use and stable connection DSL Line ang ayos.. go go... pag subscribe na kay excited ko mo setup sa router.. lols..

  15. Yeah!! Sabi nga ni Mama, mas magastos pa daw tong prepaid keysa sa monthly.mao mag pa dsl line nalang jud mi.ahaha!

    Have you heard about the pocket wifi??

  16. @Mark

    nope i haven't heard of pocket wifi

  17. f**ck this network...
    Advertise says: register now SUPERSURF50 to 8888 for 1 day unlimited internet surfing, surf all you want..
    but, if you achieve more or less 800mb of bandwidth, you cannot surf anymore,, f**ck you globe

  18. Report this Globe scam to NTC (National Telecomunications Commission).

  19. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  20. "No limits" daw... Very unquestionable.

  21. This is absolute bullshit. What are you supposed to do with this thing? You can't even load a lot of pages with pictures, let alone watch youtube.

    These people should all be put in prison. They should be rounded up. How are they even allowed to do this? I am American, and though big business is basically allowed to get away with anything there, they would not be allowed to do something like this. I just spent p1000 on something that is of absolutely no use to me, because of a false advertising scam.

    Filipinos need to complain about this stuff. If every Filipino sent an email to globe like the one I just sent, and stopped using their products due to this kind of behavior, they wouldn't get away with it. Filipinos are too passive and get abused too easily, which is why you have been invaded by virtually every country and they have abused you, now you have the Chinese owned companies ruling over you worse than the Spanish or Americans ever did.

    And I am not speaking bad about Filipinos. I love them. I am just saying that they need to learn to stick up for themselves, of they will just keep getting abused by Chinese-owned companies, just like the ones that pay p150 a day and provide no benefits. I wish that Filipinos would seriously consider ejecting all Chinese immigrants from this country, because I know for a fact that if Globe was run by Filipinos, instead of scum-sucking Chinese vulture-rapists, this would not be happening. Filipinos do not abuse people like the Chinese immigrant pirates do, because they have good hearts, but they do let themselves be abused.

    Why is Philippines run by Chinese immigrants? It makes no sense, and should not be allowed. We have this problem in America with Jewish immigrants owning much of the businesses, but they don't own everything. The Chinese here own everything. They should be rounded up and deported to China. The PRC knows how to handle people who make a living abusing others - it is called lethal injection.

  22. @Anonymous: Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this matter.
    Yeah, and if we Filipinos will condone this stuff nothing would happen.

    My one little voice was heard though but it wasn't enough to provoke them to do certain actions about the problem. That's why I opted to switch to another internet provider and I never regretted it. :-)

  23. Mark,

    Thanks for the response! Are you using Sun? I guess I will go back to Smart, but it is so slow here in Cagayan. I'm going to be spending some time in Bukidnon and South Cotabato for my work, and Globe seems to have the most towers there, so I bought this one. I might even still use it, if I have to, even though I am so angry at a company that would abuse its customer's trust in this way.

  24. @Anonymous: I still have the Globe prepaid with me though, and use it whenever I have to esp at school.

    I did not only switched internet provider (at home) but also the plan. We're currently subscribed to bayanDSL. Yeah, I think Globe will be of good use when you're around South Cotabato area. I've once used it there and it was kinda fast, in any case just bring with you your Smart dongle. Thanks for dropping by! :D

  25. I can't believe that Alodia advertised for Globe... tsk tsk I'm so disappointed with my Broadband and its a Myfi.. Myfi my ass.. freaking Chinese abusing Filipinos.. Bastards.. in other countries with just one click you get results of whatever it is your browsing. . in here shit.. it one click... then load.. load.. load.. then you go do something else and you return and it's still loading.. wtf. you get a freaking message and it takes you like forever to reply the damn shit! I hope that someone with the right power could do something about this.. not only about Globe.. but every single one of them..time is Precious and I'm not gona get younger just waiting for the damn loading shit!

  26. We are pleased to announce that all globe tatoo employees died today for giving a fucking globe tatoo service. Thank you for your patronage.