My Re-MARKABLE Fieldtrip & Seminars ( First Day - Part 1)

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Okay, so where do I start talking about the first day of the Fieldtrips & Seminars? How about "how the hell I got into the airport on Oct.4?" I mean after my arrival at Manila last October 1, I never got the chance to go back and wander around the airport again.During my arrival, I wowed in amazement on how big the NAIA was.And now that the first batch of my classmates on our subject "Fieldtrips & Seminars" will arrive, will I be able to meet them? I mean - ALIVE? Read on readers!
The morning didn't seemed like morning at all.Since my hotel room was dark and the window was shut.But it's good to know that my phone's alarm now works.So, as planned I woke up early that morning (Geez.I noticed, I only wake up early when I'm afraid something really BAD might happen if I don't).I certainly didn't want to be left by my classmates for our fieldtrip.Because if ever I won't be able to meet them at the airport - I'm Doomed!

Scared of being left behind by the first batch, I woke up around 5:30 in the morning.That will give me enough time to prepare my things.I packed up last night though so there's nothing to worry about my things.My classmates arrival time is around 8:00 am or something.So, I had to be in the airport even before their plane lands.I'm currently staying at Kabayan Hotel at Pasay, it's just a cab away from the airport but it would hell cost me P150 just to get there.
And you still got the inclination to update your Facebook status?

It was 6 sharp, when I decided to get online at Facebook.And as expected you can't actually keep my classmates away from updating their Facebook status, telling everybody they're leaving Davao and that they're in the airport, how excited they were and blah, blah blah.Meanwhile I let my laptop open so I could monitor their updates.Minutes later, I've decided to take a bath.It's great that you can actually control the temperature of the shower because it was friggin cold inside the room.I was even shaking after shower because by the time you'd step out of the cr, you'd freeze.Nahh.I should have turned the aircon first.But anyway, I quickly dressed up fixed myself and I'M READY TO GO!!
What the hell did they just call it? Sounds pricey? Is this still Manila? - taong bukid.

I went downstairs to check what's for breakfast.This is actually what I like most about Kabayan Hotel, breakfast and lunch are included to what you've paid.But that only seconds to their free wifi service! Anyway, I had tocino and what-the-hell-you-call-that-sausage for breakfast (the name of the sausage sounds like its from England or some other planet).Well, alam nyo naman siguro, I'm a Promdi (so if you happen to know what-the-hell-that-sausage-is-called, then be considerate and just let me know).Basta! Hotdog yun, sausage or whatever.bwahaha!

After breakfast, I went back to my room to get my things and then left the hotel.Off to the airport! If you've only seen me as I carried all my bags you'd pitty me much.There was even this tambay who said he'd helped me but I refused for apparent reasons.I was inside the cab, my travelling bag, my laptop, my mini wordpress pack bag, everything was according to mine.But not until I saw the cab driver!! Mannn..forgive me but if you've only seen his face, you can't blame me if I suspected him as a holdaper.*Gosh! Happy Halloween* But the real scare is just about to happen.
Driver: Boy, just hand me over P300 and you're already alive!
Mark: Okay then, I'll hand you it later.

TsuHG! I shut the door of the goddamn cab and said "Manong, sa NAIA Terminal 3".Then I turned to my bags to check where in the hell I inserted my wallet.I was about to open my travelling bag when he started the engine and that startled me.I paused and took a hurried glance at him.Our eyes met in the mirror just above his head.Then I turned back to my travelling bag.*in all fairness mas gwapo pa ang bag ko*Unfortunately, I couldn't find my wallet there.By that point of time, we are actually crossing EDSA.Then, I reached my laptop bag to see if my wallet was there.Alas! I found it.Then I sighed in relief and I thought I could comfortably recline on my seat.

Just when we're about to take a U-turn, I noticed that the cab's "meter" is not working.So I asked, "Manong, sira po ba ang metro nyo?".A long pause, and he turned to me and said "Toy, 300 lang sa airport, Buhay ka na nun!".Gumuho ang mundo ko at bumilis ang tibok ng puso ko! I thought he was just kidding around when he said "Buhay ka na nun", but he looked really serious (Ano pa nga ba? Ganun naman talaga palagi mukha nya).Mark, wake up this is a real life case you're dealing now! *Cool*, but sooner I went pale (I don't know why), then my knees began shaking.Natakot na ako! At sa mga oras na yon ang alam ko lang hindi ganun kamura ang buhay ko at kung pwede bang tumawad.But then I quickly nabbed my wallet and gave him immediately the P300 (defense mechanism?).My knees were shaking and I don't know how to react or perhaps the only thing I know is that I'm scared as hell of what he said.It echoed inside my head...Buhay ka na nun! Buhay Ka na Nun! Eh, kung di ko binigay ang P300 - mamamatay kaya ako? He went back driving as if he never said a word.In my mind, I'm actually riding a cab with a effin driver, someone who could have killed me! But the funny thing is that it reminded me of Kuya Fausts' 500 peso taxicab experience (at least walang threat yun, mas mahal nga lang.lols).In contrary to what I've said earlier, if you're riding a cab from Pasay to Airport then P150 might not be enough to keep you alive!

What a ride! (Say WTF!).Finally, at the airport - ALIVE!!

- To be continued. . .

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  1. hahaha.. wat an experience, marky!!! di ka nman natrauma sa cab driver anoh??? hahahaha...

  2. Tama sang, hindi na ata ako sasakay ng taxi pagnapadpad uli ako sa Maynila!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. nice layout marky....kung ako ikaw, wala akong choice...but I can pay naman!!!

  5. @Silverblade: Uyy.I didn't removed the comment ha.That was automatically detected as spam by Blogger's spam filtering system. HAHAHA lang kasi yun, well anyway.Thank you vin for the compliment about the layout!woot..

  6. Halos lahat ng taxi driver sa maynila ganun...bantay2x na lng jd...ehehehe...

  7. @April: Tomaa! Haha.Thanks for dropping by.

  8. This is really sad naman. We stayed in the same hotel during Wordcamp baya. Sad to know na this happened to you. Did you get the plate number of the taxi at least? Dapat na-report yun eh

  9. @Mindanaoan: Whoa! Almost a month before I noticed your comment.Sorry talaga?

    Well anyway, Sad nga! huhu.hindi ko nga nakuha ang plate number nya.Luckily wala namang masamang nangyari - pagdating ko sa airport nakapag move on naman ako agad.hehe


  10. @Markable, bakit di niyo na lang po kinuha yung plate number? Tanong lang ha. :) And ngayon ko lang na-visit itong blog mo and I find it interesting. LOL. :)